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July 9, 2018

Welcome to San Francisco

Today’s purpose was not to actually do anything, it was just to get us to San Francisco so that we can start our trip in earnest.

It’s weird to start a road trip by flying, but this is our second year in a row doing so, and I guess we’re getting used to it. And everything went roughly according to plan. There were minor hiccups with our flight and our rental car, but they got worked out, and we ended up snug in our hotel room at about the time we expected to be.

The most exciting part of the day might’ve been the repeated announcements throughout San Francisco International Airport paging a passenger named Pyamorn Sassathorn. I’m sure I’m spelling that wrong, and I would be happy to apologize to Mr. Sassathorn in person, but considering how hard it was for the airport to locate him, I doubt I’ll ever have the chance.

Tomorrow is a big day, as we have to do a bit of grocery shopping in the morning and then we have a pretty packed schedule as we start making our way down the coast.

It’s midnight here but I’m still on NY time, which means it feels like 3 a.m. Sam fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow, and I’m about to do the same. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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