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Speeding in Kilometers

August 16, 2016

Driving in Canada is surprisingly nerve-wracking. For the most part it’s just like driving at home, but speed limits are in kilometers. This should not be a big deal, as our car, like most cars, has a dual speedometer. The problem is that I have no idea how much over the speed limit I can safely drive without having to be worried about a speeding ticket. At home the general rule of thumb is that cops will spot you 10 mph, so I usually set the cruise control to about 7 mph over the limit. But I have no idea whether I can just multiply that by 1.6 here or if the rules are totally different. I’ve been taking my cues from other drivers, but some of the other drivers are insane, like the guy we saw yesterday who had a basketball hoop in the back of his pickup.


I don’t understand how that thing stayed upright.

And two days ago, we got onto the highway and were immediately greeted by a terrifying sight that made me wonder if I had gotten on the highway backward.



It turned out to be just a truck being towed, but it was still pretty unnerving.



So I’m kind of making up rules for myself as I go along, and hoping that they match up well enough with reality that it’s not going to get us in any trouble.


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