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To-Do List

July 27, 2016

When this, our fifth road trip, is complete, The Hamster and I will have visited 49 states and most of the country’s most iconic attractions. But as thorough as we’ve been, there are still some pretty important places and things we haven’t seen in person. Here, for no good reason, is a list of what we’ve got left, ranked in order of our desperation to go there.

  1. Louisiana
  2. The Grand Canyon
  3. Yosemite
  4. The Hoover Dam
  5. Death Valley
  6. Denali
  7. Las Vegas
  8. The Grand Tetons
  9. The Alamo
  10. The Florida Keys
  11. Carhenge (Look it up. It’s in Alliance, NE.)
  12. Austin, TX
  13. The Gulf of Mexico
  14. Florabama
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