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Lessons from Surf Camp, Day 1

July 13, 2015

Skudin Surf Camp

1. Bring your own rash guard (the shirt you wear to surf if you’re not awesome enough to wear a wet suit). The instructor said it’s supposed to fit snugly, but the biggest size they had was Medium, and I’m 6’2″. I haven’t worn a medium since, I dunno, probably seventh grade. It fit snugly, alright. And by “snugly,” I mean its seams were under more stress than Donald Trump’s publicist.

2. Do not store valuables inside your nose, because inside your nose is where the entire ocean is going to go.

3. You are not going to want to add salt to anything you eat for a good, long time.

4. Waiting several minutes for a decent wave to come along and then wiping out right away sucks.

5. Riding a wave all the way is physically fun, but even more enjoyable is the feeling of knowing you finally got it right.

6. No matter where you go or what you do, there will always, always be an annoying loudmouth doing it with you.

7. You will come home with nicks and scrapes you don’t remember getting.

8. When applying sunscreen, do not neglect the backs of your knees. Ouch.

9. Sign up for the whole week. Sure, one day is cheaper and easier, but it’s much more fun to be good at something than to suck at it. I rode about a third of the waves I attempted before our lunch break. After lunch I rode about half. I hope to continue improving, and my goal for the end of the week is to be not terrible at surfing.

10. You will be sore, and you will be exhausted, and you will not be able to wait until you go back tomorrow for Day 2.

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  1. July 13, 2015 5:51 pm

    I know it always comes back to this, but… you shdve learned lesson #6 a few years back, in the store formerly known as supersol, when you were shopping for a Noodles and Soda party… #nevergetsold 🙂

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