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Road Trip by the Numbers

August 15, 2014

1: cross-country road trip

33: days on the road

8435.8: miles driven

20: states visited

179:10: spent hours in the car

47.2: average miles per hour

26.2: average miles per gallon

$4.59: highest price paid for gas (Ludlow, CA)

$3.08: lowest price paid for gas (outside Knoxville, TN)

109: highest temperature in degrees Fahrenheit

8: states traversed by Route 66

8: states visited on Route 66

6: state capitals visited (Springfield, Oklahome City, Phoenix, Nashville, Little Rock, Harrisburg)

9: National Parks/Historic Sites/ Memorials visited

4: time zones

2: coasts

1: desert crossed

94: bottles of water purchased

91: bottles of water consumed

134: other types of drinks consumed

4: times doing laundry

3: car washes

2: oil changes

2: boys who had a fantastic time

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