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Wither Or Not

August 7, 2014

One of the major casualties of these road trips is my physique. In real life I’m at the gym pretty often and I’m always on my feet at work. On the road trips I spend weeks having a great time but getting little to no exercise, unless you count the little bits of walking here and there. I do a reasonably good job of eating healthfully on these trips and I tend to lose several pounds each trip, but I think most of the loss is from muscle atrophy.

After two or three weeks it becomes noticeable. This morning for some reason it was particularly glaring and unsettling. I’d show you a picture but you’re better off without one. And we’re spending almost the entire day in the car, and doing it again tomorrow, so it’s only going to get worse. I’m going to do some pushups in our motel room tonight, but it’s a drop in the ocean. I’ve got done serious work to do at the gym when we get home.

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