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The Hamster Writes

August 16, 2013

Instead of interviewing that guy, I figured it was about time for Sam to join this blog for real. The following words are all his, uncensored and unedited.

It’s me, the Hamster.

I think that my 5 favorite things that we did were…

1. Going indoor skydiving in New Hampshire.  2. Going to see the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. 3. Going to the Ben & Jerry’s factory. 4. Dancing to Stronger. 5. The Boston Red Sox game.

Next year I think we should go see the South West US and take route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles for a few reasons… A. Because its the only region in the US that we haven’t been to, B. We would be able to see my Uncle Steve (who lives in L.A.), and C. So that we could go see the Grand Canyon (which I really want to see).

I really hope that we can do roadtrips like this every year because I want to keep having fun with Dad every year.

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